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Bali is known as a treasure house of interesting goods to buy. Products of various kinds from traditional antiques to the latest quality fashions in extraordinary displays await the shoppers. It is quite common to bargain in markets, shops and artshops for buyers, so having a good price is partly dependent upon one's smartness in bargaining.

Splendid local hand woven materials, silver and gold works, woodcarvings, garments and many other interesting things can be found at any market, artshop or artmarket. International standard ready made apparels are quite inexpensive, while qualified tailors and dress maker offer reliable 24-hours services. 
Bargaining forms a large part of the fun of shopping in Bali. Remember to bring your cash, as not all places accept credit cards. Shopping hours are generally from 10am to 11pm. 

You'll find that shops selling similar items are generally grouped together. This makes comparing prices easy as you just have to go next shop to find the same thing! 

Kuta / Legian / Seminyak


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The main road in Kuta has a multitude of shops and restaurants on each side selling a wide variety of goods including swimwear, sarongs, handicrafts, cassette's, CD's, jewelry, clothing furniture and leather goods. There are many street hawkers selling watches, transport and bracelets. If you're not interested, just politely say so. 

The upper end of Legian Street from Seminyak to Kerobokan has turned into an enclave of boutiques specializing in men's and ladies clothing, interior and homewares stores, antiques, furniture and some interesting deli's and warungs. Hawkers are few up this end of this street. 

Kuta has some department stores and shopping centres where the prices are fixed, try Kuta Square and Kuta Centre located very close to each other in Jalan Kartika Plaza. 

The capital of Bali is not generally a tourist area but there are a few main areas worth checking out. The Kumbasari market near the river is a typical Indonesian market with household goods and clothing, spices and dried goods as well as fresh produce. Nearby is Jalan Hasanudin, a whole street of gold shops, selling 18-22 carat gold jewelry. Not far away from Jl. Hasanudin is Jalan Sulawesi where all types of fabrics are sold. The whole street consists of fabric stores on both sides with a few household ware stores in between.

If you're looking for handicrafts there are quite a few shops in Jalan Gajah Mada selling similar items to those seen in Kuta, but without the hawkers.
Denpasar has a large selection of department stores. Try Matahari, Libi, MA Department Store, New Dewata Ayu, Tiara Dewata, Ramayana or Tragia.

Shopping in Bali - Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua has a small market at the entranceway to Nusa Dua where you can still find some bargains. If you venture out of the gates there's also the Tragia Supermarket and Department store and some leather shops and tailors close by. Within the Nusa Dua complex can be found The Galleria a huge open air shopping mall with the stores have mostly fixed priced selling high quality items. The Kris Gallery is worth checking for some unique items. 
All the hotels have their own shopping areas with fairly exclusive products. 

Shopping in Bali - The Bypass Ngurah Rai
Heading along the main highway (the bypass) from Nusa Dua to Sanur onto Ubud you will see on either side of the road, endless pottery, wrought iron and furniture stores. You can find some good pieces if you look carefully and bargain hard. 

Shopping in Bali - Sanur Beach
Sanur's main shopping street is Jalan Danau Tamblingan is somewhat more relaxed and less crowded than shopping in Kuta. The shaded street and the many cafes that line it make it an ideal place to spend a day shopping. Hawkers can be found about but they're not as aggressive, except at the beach market. Sanur has an interesting variety of shops, and there is also an Art Market (Pasar Seni) with wood carvings and other handicrafts. 

Shopping in Bali - Batubulan
Batubulan is famous for its stone carvings. Traditionally, stone sculptures carved from soft volcanic rock (paras) were used to for temples and palaces. The craftsmen can make practically anything you request from a character in a famous Balinese story to a garden gnome. Items from all over Indonesia can actually also be found here. Serious buyers may well find a great bargain. 

Shopping in Bali - Celuk
Continuing on the road to Ubud, you will pass through Celuk, home of silver and gold artisans. A large variety of all types of intricately designed pieces can be found. The silver filigree work is quite amazing. Remember to bargain. Off the main road and heading into the villages where the craftsmen work and live you'll be sure to get better prices Hotels in Bali. 

Shopping in bali hotel - Sukawati
Sukawati has a traditional market on the main road and side streets. A large variety of woven baskets can be found here along with Balinese ceremonial items made from colourful "Prada" - gold painted cloth. As well paintings, all types of handicrafts and fabrics can be had for a really good price. 

Shopping in Bali - Ubud
Ubud is still the artistic centre of Bali. It has changed considerably from the small artist's village it was ten years ago to a centre of activity with a wide range of Balinese paintings on offer. Well known galleries such as Neka, Agung Rai and Rudana are worth a visit. Western artists Antonio Blanco has his collection displayed at his gallery and home and Hans Snel exhibits his paintings at his restaurant and hotel off the main road. 

Down the main road will take you past many smaller galleries with varied styles of paintings. and a collection of stores selling clothing, homewares, antiques, jewelry, handicrafts and a few good bookshops. The central market sells a variety of goods. The neighbouring villages of Peliatan, Penestanan and Pengosekan are also home to many artists and galleries.

Shopping in Bali - Tegalalang
Home to woodcarvers, this village and nearby villages specialize in the carving of soft wood figures. Brightly painted flowers, frogs, fruits, animal figures can be found in abundance. 

Shopping in Bali - Gianyar
Gianyar has many textile factories producing many types of cloth, ikat and some batik. You can watch the weaving process and of course make a purchase! 

Shopping in Bali - Tenganan
This small Bali Aga village is unique in that it is the only place in Bali that produces "Geringsing" cloth - In the making of Geringsing cloth the threads are dyed to a final pattern before being woven together. It takes remarkable skill to weave the threads to match exactly. As a result it is produced only in small quantities and can be quite pricey. Don't forget to bargain! Other items for sale in Tenganan are woven grass baskets and "Lontars" - palm leaf manuscripts - books telling a story through script and pictures drawn on dried palm leaves. 

Shopping in Bali - Kamasan
Home to traditional Balinese "Kamasan" painting where a line drawing is made in black ink by a master artist and coloured in with natural pigments. Many types of goods such as banners, paintings, bags, hats and many other goods decorated with Kamasan painting are all available here. The Kerta Gosa (Hall of Justice) at Klungkung features some impressive displays of Kamasan style paintings. 

Shopping in Bali - Klungkung
Klungkung has a busy traditional market and is also home to some of the oldest antique stores in Bali. You can find krises, songket sarongs and some nice quality 22 carat gold pieces in Balinese design here. 

Shopping in Bali - Bona
Bona is a village known for bamboo growing and goods produced from bamboo such as furniture and mats. The villagers also produce goods made from lontar leaves. 

Shopping in Bali - Bedugul
In the cooler mountain region, Bedugul is renowned as a farming area. The local market sells fresh fruit and vegetables and specializes in orchids and other plants.

Shopping in Bali - Duty Free Shopping
Plaza Bali and DFS have duty free shopping outlets in Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and the airport in Bali. They have a wide range of designer label boutiques.

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